I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Purdue University. I received my PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2010. I spent the academic year following graduation as a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy.

My research focuses on the theoretical implications of economic policy in settings with heterogeneous agents, portfolio choice, and financial frictions. Within this theoretical framework, my research makes contributions in 4 different subfields of macroeconomics: (i) monetary economics with incomplete markets, (ii) sunspots and indeterminacy, (iii) financial economics with endogenous collateral constraints, and (iv) constrained suboptimality in general equilibrium.

My teaching portfolio includes Game Theory (at the undergraduate level, including a popular online text) and Macroeconomics at the MBA, MS, and PhD levels, including a novel distance-learning course design.