Teaching Manuscripts

I have authored the following manuscripts. They are free to download subject to the open source provisions: (i) you are free to copy, distribute, and sell the material, provided that you appropriately cite the source (me) and any future parties have the same rights to copy, distribute, and sell the material and (ii) you are free to modify the material in any way, provided that any changes are not falsely attributed to the author (me again).

Game Theory
Undergraduate, 247 pages, 2014.
Figures separately available here.

» Manuscript

General Equilibrium Theory
PhD, 125 pages, 2014.
Figures separately available here.

» Manuscript

Mathematics for Economists: Real Analysis
PhD, 115 slides, 2016.
Accompanying videos available here.

» Slides

Intermediate Macroeconomics
Undergraduate/MS, 552 pages, 2018.
Figures separately available here.

» Manuscript